[ETOEB1//40//] The Varangis Guards

Chapter 40

The Varangis Guards

Krystelle's POV:

"Oh no! Carter!" I immediately ran as I carefully supported his back from falling on the ground.

"Look out!" was a drastic shout I heard from afar. I got very agitated by the familiar voice.

I tilted my head towards the voice until my pheriheral vision saw a being. It was almost going to stab me behind my back, but suddenly Raven appeared out of nowhere behind me and blasted bolts of energy.

He summoned a disperant energy light whip to fight these malicious deities that attempted to slice and cut our tranquility.

The unexpected appearance of strange, unknown creatures interfering with the ceremony alarmed everyone.

Most of the audience panicked, and wild noises of screeching and screaming filled the whole vicinity as some creatures were eating the peculiars alive.

It was a bloody feast for the beasts, as they seemed to be joyfully eating their prey and targets.


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