[ETOEB1//41//] The Battle

Chapter 41

The Battle

Dialogue form:

Captain Calakor: Alright everyone we have arrive at the test grounds, well what's left of it? Currently we were situated at the entrances of the test ground. Our scouts have reported. That the source of the Shadow beings reside at the central forest. 5 miles away from here. Lieutenant Alaric! What’s the scouts reported.

Lieutenant Alaric:  Base on the reports of the students and volunteers that we gather so far. The shadow beings are estimated to be 50 of them each at each different location during the test. However since we arrive 4 hours later, the shadow beings have multiple into a 50000 or more in total.

Captain Calakor: 50 shadow beings against a 2 students. And by the time the students were recall by the organizers. The shadow beings multiple their numbers into 50000. There's probably more at the heart of the source. Our numbers are 9000 Templar infantry, 300 Templar cavalry, 4000 Seasonal volunteer archer

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