[ETOEB1//73//] The Guardian Beast

Chapter 73

The Guardian Beast

Carter's POV:

"No one can hear us here! You haven't thought about it yet?! I want to hit you in the face, seriously!"

Amarra let Krystelle remind us that our voices cannot reach the outside of this room and that the rushing flood of water that was already at our waist was even louder when the three of us shouted. I suddenly thought of an Idea that would bring Krystelle in a conscious state.

The water overflowed quickly because apart from the stone pillar mermaid, the other three stone carved pillars also spewed water so instead of stepping on the ground below we couldn't do it because the water lifted us up to the ceiling and we started to float and swim like a frog. But we have not yet reached the top of the cave. It was only halfway through before we reached the top of the Cave.

"Hey, Krys! Instead of whining like a lunatic brat that seemd like to escape from the assylum, why not use your powers to break this wall

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