[ETOEB1//74//] Proving your Worth

Chapter 74

Proving your Worth

Third POV:

The Giant Stone golem's empty eyes that were filled with darkness suddenly glistering with fire inside. It suddenly unleashed its power.  It blazed with intense fire all over his body which made the remaining water boil from the place and evaporate fast, turning into steam.  It was a sudden increase in temperature as the Stone Golem roared louder than a lion, and scarier than a dinosaur.

The Giant was in great fury knowing that we were about to take the most possessed treasure that the Stone golem's trying to protect - Which is the forbidden book. I was terrified, knowing by the fact us three alone couldn't stand a chance with this stone giant.

Krystelle summoned her vines from under the ground to strangle the giant stone golem.  It spare Carter some time to steal the forbidden book from where it was placed but the stone giant had its eyes over it protecting it at all cost and had great amount of p

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