[ETOEB1//76//] Siblings Reunion

Chapter 76

Siblings Reunion

Carter's POV:

"You have no idea how we've been through! It was a wild goose chase!"  Ricky sighed after ending his story about their journey.

"Wow! I can't believe I finally found you, both of you! I was so worried, thinking that maybe you two are gone for good!"

"More of like, we found you too!"  opposed Sandra.

"No! More like we found us!"  Ricky exclaimed.

The three of us hugged again.  It also took a long time before we could see each other again, I could hardly let go of my arms to them.  I don't want them to be separated from me again.  Never.

I will protect them at all cost, even if it cost my life. I love my siblings so much, more than anything. Even though I am not related to them, they mean a lot to me and I value them so much.  Especially Mom of course, the only lady in the world who

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