[ETOEB1//77//] A Fatal Relief

Chapter 77

A Fatal Relief

Carter's POV:

"Run ...!"  Lylan shouted.

We all followed what Lylan told us to do and we ran towards the exit but Lyzzan stopped us.

"Why run? But we can escape through this portal?" suggested Lyzzan.

Shaking with trepdiation, we did nothing but enter the portal one by one. I was the last to enter. I was waiting for the crystal to hit on my Grimoire.

Since it was a crystal I got from Gwendala, no doubt this crytal shard is important and I can't leave it all stuck on the stone golem's forehead. I have a strong feeling I might still use this in the future so I waited for it.

"Carter! What are you waiting for?! The place is crumbling! You have to hurry! And I can't keep my portal open for long! I'm almost at my limit!" Lyzzan shouted

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