Chapter 18: Garden
The Twins and Daemon materialized in a sprawling rectangular area enveloped by lush greenery. It resembled a grand mansion, with imposing iron gates, meticulously trimmed bushes, and ornate fountains adorned with crescent and star motifs. The structures within the garden served as the headquarters for Zenith, their guild.

Daemon glanced around, taking in the serene surroundings. Lockheart, one of their guild members, was diligently tending to the garden, planting seeds in the soil. She reached into her inventory and retrieved a "Fertilizer" item, using it to enhance the growth of the flowers. Nyaru, the guild's other member, observed the scene, her eyes sparkling with wonder as the flowers bloomed instantaneously. The vibrant plants disintegrated into particles, accumulating in Lockheart's inventory.

[Guild: Zenith obtained Guild Badges x5]

[Guild: Zenith obtained Guild Badges x11]

[Guild: Zenith obtained Guild Badges x38]

[Guild: Zenith obtained Guild Badges x24]

[Guild: Zenith
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