Chapter 17: Skeletons
The Olympic torches at the center of the platform vanished into a flurry of bats, and in their place, equipped skeletons materialized at the far corners. Daemon quickly assessed the situation and shouted, "I'll take care of the sword and bow skeletons! The rest is up to you!"

Feeling the wind on his skin, Daemon sprinted towards the skeletons on his right. One of them drew a bow, but Daemon swiftly kicked it off balance, taking advantage of the opportunity to strike with his sword. He deftly parried the attacks from the other skeletons, using both of his swords to hold them back.

Meanwhile, additional skeletons spawned, wielding swords and shields. Sensing the urgency, Daemon called out to Rem and Ren, "Attack, now!"

Rem tightened her grip on her wand, her hands trembling with anticipation. She aimed her wand at the skeletons and summoned giant vines that emerged from the ground, tearing the skeletons apart. Ren traced a circular pattern in the air with her wand, manifesting a fiery sh
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