Crazy Devouring System

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Crazy Devouring System

By: Laughing-in-the-wind OngoingSystem

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Little Sky, an earthling human, is the lowest ranking Knight on earth, regarded by many as the weakest Knight in existence. Little Sky has always hated that he was weak, he trained harder than anyone did, but that didnt change his status of being weak. Little Sky has always been disdained and look down upon by other Knights, they would always laugh and teas on how weak he was. He had thought of quitting so many times But, burdened by his mother's hospital costs and a big loan which is said to be left to him by his father, he had no alternative but to risk his life every day inside the demon grottos, despite his limited strength, which could barely kill the weakest demon. But all that changed when he activated the crazy Devouring system, which granted him the most powerful constitution in the universe; endless evolution, as well as the ability to devour everything. Sky would go from being the weakest to the absolute strongest, saving humanity and the entire universe from the catastrophic demon invasion. with his system nothing in this universe could stand in his way.


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143 chapters
Chapter 1
Sky Stormbreaker In the depths of the night sky of a galaxy that was incredibly remote, there existed a planet that was visible to the human eye, inside this planet was death and destruction, everywhere inside the planet blood was visible, and several severed human parts were also visible everywhere. All of these things could be seen all over the place.This planet did not always have this appearance that it does now; in the distant past, it was among the most stunning locations that one could find anywhere in the universe.inhabited by people who have found a way to live in harmony with one another and are encircled by majestic trees of great height which produced all the food and almost all the resources they wanted.But everything changed when the giant doors belonging to dimensional gates were thrown open.One day, a dimensional gate materialized in a particular town on this lovely planet. The scientists who lived there did everything in their power to determine how a massive ga
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Chapter 2
Demon lord MolochAs Sky Stormbreaker looked up at the sky, the most unbelievable thing that could have possibly happened did take place: the dark shadow in the sky transformed into a creature that was almost humanlike in appearance. It was possible that people would have taken it for a human if it hadn't been for the two horns that stuck out from the top of its head.However, the black creature that was floating in the air radiated everywhere like a dazzling dark star, and everyone was able to see it, throughout the battlefield. Even though the darkness that was all around made it difficult for the army to see their surrounding,they were still able to see the creature clearly.In the presence of the monster's gaze, Sky stormbreaker experienced a feeling similar to that of having all of his deepest, darkest secrets revealed to this incredible being.He noticed that the creature was also gazing at him as he stared at it. The creature continued to descend downward until it finally lan
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Chapter 3
DreamThe demon lord ceased his action and watched as the skeleton stood up step by step, giving the appearance of being reanimated from death.The demon lord was unable to make sense of what he was seeing; he had just finished killing a human, and despite having all of its organs burned-out, the human was still alive. The demon lord was unable to comprehend the mystery that was going on The demon lord yelled at the skeleton, "What kind of creature are you?" but the skeleton did not answer his question.This was the first time the demon lord had seen the body of a lowly being that had been reduced to a skeleton, reanimate. He had seen a great number of creatures, even including the undead, but this was the first time he had seen something like this.When the demon lord gazed into the eyes of the skeleton, he had the unsettling sensation that his soul was being sucked into them.He quickly took his attention away from the eyes and moved on to the rest of the body, which he examined ca
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Chapter 4
Little Sky"Damn, it's another one of those stupid nightmares again" a young man cried out.The young man yelled as he roused himself from his sleep.He had always suffered from recurring nightmares that showed scenes of various warriors battling evil beings known as demons. In these dreams, the warriors were always defeated. The young man's name is Little Sky and he is from Earth.The 'Little' in his name is not just a nickname given to the young man because of how he appeared; rather, it is an old family name that has been passed down through his family for generations. Whenever he informed people that his name was little Sky, they would look over at him and give him a kind of shake of the head as if they thought the word "little" was some kind of a moniker for his height.He didn't have muscles, but he was fit, and he couldn't exactly be called a tall guy; as a result, whenever he told people his surname, they thought it was his nickname.He loathed the name so much that when his
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Chapter 5
Strange Demon Grotto.Sky was instantly drawn into a different dimension the moment his palm touched the gate, despite the fact that he has experienced this phenomenon a great number of times before, he continued to be fascinated by it each time it occurred.As soon as Sky entered the demon grotto, he heard a voice which belonged to the leader, "Sky, check around to see if there are any demons around here."The voice of the irate kid who had previously denounced Sky sounded once again, saying, "Do we really need this guy, his powers are meaningless."Sky rolled over to face the person who had angered him. This kid's name was Aron Bukley, and he and Sky had gone to the same high school. Aron had always held a grudge against Sky, and the reason for this was that, when they were both in high school, Sky was the smartest kid in the class, while Aron was always at the bottom of the class.Before Sky did something stupid like confronting the guy, Mr Smith quickly came before them, "Forget a
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chapter 6
Strange CasketThe atmosphere underwent a dramatic shift the moment they stepped through the door of the room because darkness permeated the entire space of the room. they could hardly make out anything more than a few meters distant from their eyes. As if it was not unusual enough, the temperature inside the room was also different from the temperature outside the door. That was a very strange occurrence. Even though they were Knights and this temperature was not sufficient to kill them, all of them started to shiver as the room started to radiate a cold chill. This was because the cold was somewhat unbearable. Nevertheless, there was something special about this chill; it was as if the iciness reached all the way through to the very core of their existence."What in the name of God could this possibly be?" One of the knights was simply unable to suppress the need to share his opinion and spoke up. He did not get an answer to his inquiry, and nobody else in the group had
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Chapter 7
Demon lord Moloch The threat posed by this one demonic entity, which was floating above them, was the most significant threat that Sky's group had ever perceived from demons. From it's aprarence,the first thing that would spring into everyone's head was that this must be a low-level demon; nevertheless, this was very definitely not the case. The demon known as Moloch, who had been injured by Sky Stormbreaker, was floating above Sky and his group at the time in question. As soon as the being spotted Sky's company, he was overcome with anger and couldn't help but squish his face and tighten his fists in response.After what seemed like over half a millennium had passed since their last encounter, with the human Sky stormbreaker. Even after five hundred years, he had not completely recovered from the wounds he had sustained as a result of that confrontation since the wounds he had sustained had been so terrible to the point where it would take him almost eternity to heal.As a kind of
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Chapter 8
Initiation of the crazy devouring system As vivid images of the memory were he faced the monster known as Sky stormbreaker raced through his mind, he hastily slipped his hand out of his pocket and began running towards his coffin. The only thing that was going through his head was that he should quickly escape from this place as soon as possible.When the members of Sky's gang saw the demon running, they were shocked, and they asked each other, "was the demon running?" Alternately, you could ask, "Were they imagining things?"When the demon lord was almost done getting into his coffin, he turned around one more time to take one more look at Sky before closing the lid on the coffin."He is merely a weak human," Moloch thought to himself after entering the coffin. He was unable to identify any similarities between Sky stormbreaker and the man standing in front of him. "He is not the Sky stormbreaker I fought," he continued. He prevented himself from entering the coffin and instead b
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Chapter 9
9th Chapter:Rebirth The unconcious body of a man with dark hair was found on a bed in a room that was well-lit and had a ceiling that was painted white and translucent.This body had been unconscious for some time before being discovered. "Is this….. what we call the afterlife?" Sky opened his eyes and was immediately dazzled by a blinding white light. For a brief period, Sky assumed that he had died and gone to heaven. He initially thought that what he was seeing was heaven, but as his vision became more precise, he understood that he was not in heaven. When he looked up and saw the white ceiling, he began to wonder where he was. Suddenly, he sensed a sent that was all too familiar to him; it was the stench of the hospital. Due to the fact that he had paid his mother an excessive number of visits into the hospital, he was highly acclimated to the odor. He made an effort to stand, but his body felt fatigued and heavy, almost as if it wasn't his own; so, he made his wa
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10 Sky's face gave off the impression that he was giving the results of the test a great deal of thought as they were about to be delivered, and a few seconds later, the results were displayed on the screen in a timely manner.'Sigh' Officer Silvester let out a dissatisfied grunt as he examined the result, which revealed that Sky was just as feeble as he had been before and had not improved in any way whatsoever. As Sky peeked inside, he did so with a frown on his face as he became aware that none of his hopes would be achieved. As he examined all of the ideas that had been running through his head, he clinched his fist in anger and ground his teeth together.As Sky considered the circumstances surrounding his mother and the loan sharks, he was filled with a sense of hopelessness. He acknowledged to himself, "it looks like I really am cursed.""Mr. Sky, I want to offer my sincere gratitude for your assistance, and I wish you all the best for a rapid recovery."Sky didn't
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