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By: Evvy OngoingMystery/Thriller

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After Mike found himself out and Free, he thought he had escaped from the trenches of life. What will you do when you find out that you didn't escape but a dog on trial?

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Everything was confusing
The van stopped as certain men whom you can't see their faces got down from the van."Are they set?" says one of the strange men in the dark."We have all that the lady requested but then, they will keep having Changed, you know, like time-something, CHORTLING! the other replied."I feel bad for them, all because of one Bitch's mindset of creating a portal to the future, who does she think she is, Albert Einstein" the other continued while pushing the stuff inside."So bad! The war has begun. Hey, you count to see if they are up to the number ''one man who seems to be the leader!After a few minutes of counting, the man came running to the leader, all this was in the darkness, it seems there was trouble.."Number 124 is missing!" says the man, panting heavily."Mike! A successful project! How can he cope with the symptoms? Whispered the shattered leader.*A MONTH LATER *The door squeaked, it was quiet all the way and I only heard the car moving.Suddenly, I could hear long chitties
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Dream or reality
He was moved from the emergency room to the VIP ward, where he could get his privacy stated by his wife.A piece of suspense music plays changing his mood of Mike, triggering his fear of not knowing how things are working... Lost in thought, remembering the time he spent with Nodle, emotionally troubled to hear a friend he saw a few hours, been dead.He lands in tears of how a friend he met yesterday just passed away from a pitch of noise."Everything seems suspicious enunciated Mike. His loving wife, Evy walked in with smiles brightening her face.She thought"Does he find these suspicious?", she continued by saying"Mike, I requested for a doctor to examine you since you have undergone emergency treatment."Mike lying on the bed staring at Evy mysteriously—wiped the tears flowing from his eyes as if he has been chopping onions. Doctor Natasha knocked on the door, and asked if she could come in…I laughed with pain and let out" why not, I'm just a poor patient on a sickbed."She laugh
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Hidden truth is scary
He couldn't get over the morning nightmare he had. Looking stressed, dehydrated, and sweating profusely as if he has been punished hardly.When Mike arrived home, he saw the front view lights turned on and the window opened, the cloud looks much cloudy and waiting for the rain to fall, he was scared thinking it was his wife, Evy. whiles waiting for the rain...The thunder stroke got him into a sudden flashback, he stood there for a minute...then called his friend Lisa.**Phone conversation**Why are you calling suddenly we just met, hello Mike, is there an issue? said Lisa, who was trembling all over thinking I'm in certain trouble.Hey Lisa, I'm doing really well, I just wanted to call you—Do you actually believe me Lisa, or want to make a fool of it? I didn't want to believe or trust anyone else...I felt anyone could be lying to me.**End of phone conversation**I wanted to hear your voice, let's talk another time...Evy will be home soon concluded Mike.He went straight to his matri
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Do I trust
She walks to the office window and stares outside and got lost in thought" Will Mike find the truth, is he pretending to not know?". She sighs vigorously and constantly—she looks up at her time and realized it's time to go in for the next meeting. "Mr. Beckley, Mr. Beckley... Inform the executives I will be meeting the in the next 6 minutes" exclaimed Evy to her manager. Lisa scribbled on the board to solve the mystery, and she began to bring out facts answered by Mike.How many days did you notice you weren't home?Oh gosh, it seems I'm not getting these straight, Mike. I'm really confused and don't know what to do.Just calm down, as we mustn't let our guard down, Lisa. Did you realize we do have not much time left now—we have to know what's going on in other to save our friends. Should I say something Lisa, to me it's like a few months but in this world, it's been years, what's happening, I'm going crazy, I'm really intrigued? We must start with my relationship, how on earth, and w
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NEXT DAY*********"He's getting okay, I can't say he's better but Incase he ever hears of that sound or other complications bring him in so we can run another test on him," said the doctor in charge of Mike's health. I told you, I'm feeling better, why waste your time bringing me here? "Sigh! I was worried, I wanted you to get a new set of medicine as you've done well by consuming all of it. This time I'm sure they will give you different medicine since it's okay, the doctor also stated that you're okay, not better which means anything or sort can happen" let out Evy, who was annoyed after I said I'm feeling better. She sorted out things at the hospital and we rode home.After taking our shower and dinner, she came close to me in her beautiful nightwear... I was just shaking, I don't want to mess anything up."I want us to visit my parents, ever since we moved in here we haven't been in touch with them, Mike" sadly said, Evy. She climbed on the bed and laid down, I got sad about her f
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Who they are?
SECRET HIDEOUT.All of the machines have been brought in Sir! Shouted a man in a laboratory (lab) coat, with a long mustache looking like an insane person. This hideout seems wide but all kinds of machines were present, and unbelievable things too. A lady's voice seems to be the superior here but no one sees the lady only heard the voice. A group of four gentlemen in laboratory coats carried something to a bed.."He's dead, does that mean project 127 is a failure" angrily said the mistress. A lot says "Sir" is a stand-in for the mistress, there's been a rumor of how the mistress looks, the rumors have it say" she's an old psychopath who has spent her years in time traveling believing she has an unfinished business in the past, others say, she's a young lady who wants to get back in time to kill her ex-lover, she's a robot trying to rule the world, she's a nonreligious person".All sort of rumors goes around in that cute hideout. The scientist there are not allowed to go out, only the r
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CRUSHED!There was a loud sound coming from the couple's room, loud enough to be heard in the garden.The building isn't soundproof thus every sound is heard easily."Damn! Mike is everything okay?" shouted Evy. I could hear her footsteps getting closer to the bedroom..."Mike, I thought you are helping with our packing and you are already breaking stuff," she said."Hey Lisa, I gotta go, she's coming"I ended my conversation with Lisa on the phone and turned on the light, stood in front of the bluish wardrobe.I raised my voice high to reply here"you shouldn't be talking much baby, I mean you should just go for walk," I said.She bashed into the room like a flash of thunder..."Gosh it's time for her nagging, I thought".CrushedI exclaimed, "Hey this time it wasn't from here".She laughs and smiles... It's quite scary to have such an expression from her—how could she laugh and smile in this situation... I broke a glass cup, it's her favorite and she didn't react.She came closer to
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Nearer to the truth
It seems I'm tired, but holding your hands has given me such a boost I can't even understand" I said."Oh yeah! The journey was tough right, do I have to remind you that you're married come on" she responded."Isn't it the best to have me by your side instead of that lady's side, I mean you like me"I continued."Haha! You are really funny, that was then not sure about now when you suddenly got married but why—did you fall for me now" she said with a jovial tone."How were your in-laws like, and is your wife okay?" she asked."Ha! Don't get me started my father-in-law suddenly has amnesia, and it was a headache I tell you, fuck!My wife is doing much well, she handled every situation great there. I didn't expect that from her but one thing was suspicious. I thought these rich people like putting a family picture on their walls but she had none in their house, the dad was really strange." I said.I never once had Tinnitus, and I'm having a strange feeling about it too. What if it comes
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"So what's your name? I didn't receive your information yet, it seems there's a network issue with our system. Could you help me fill out the forms", says Lisa."Nurse, could you bring him some drinks before we start his service," said Lisa.Mr, would you like coffee, or can drink? She asked."Any! Sure! I'm Jim. Lives somewhere far from this village though" he smirked."So she really doesn't remember me!" Jim thought."Something is definitely not right, I'm sure it's not fine"I kept saying to myself."How come that guy looks exactly like Jim? How he gave me that pitiful look, something is definitely going on that I am not aware" I thought again.While scribbling and scattering things away, someone opened the door and it was My wife."I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, Mike," she said while shivering."Why are you shivering? Are you sick? Was work bad?" I kept asking Evy.I don't know what she was hiding but she kept looking around as if she was hiding from someone that's totally some
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Choices are to be made #1
This book am holding even looks vulnerable.. *Smirks*We decided to go along with playing dumb and make the "people" forget about us. Even though I don't know them and still trying to get my memories back, as a doctor, I would say I must not stress myself in regaining my memory,Huh!Now that I have that strange energy—should I call it power, it feels like any bit mistake can get me into trouble.I, Mike, a dog on trial... *LAUGHS*Isn't it funny? Atleast the woman by my side isn't a stranger to me anymore but I can't trust anyone yet. They won't be able to try anything because, I'm their vulnerable product... Let's say am just lucky or it's fate, I have been hearing of time travel when a kid, it's kinda a myth that all believe but I being able to go somewhere by teleporting, No it's not teleporting,one can't teleport to the next year without any idea of it. If I can just go back to the time all this happened could I have Changed something. Humans are precious but to other people they
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