The Endless Night

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The Endless Night

By: Safia M OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Stella Montez, who could hear the spirits. She hears it since her childhood and that makes her believe hearing them is normal, like they're just voices in her mind. Stella, Hannah and Jamie with their parents visits England for the death ceremony of their Grandfather who left a sumptuous Villa behind. Everyone was enchanted with the Villa except Stella as she hears whispers around at night and that is driving her crazy. Now that she realize that it isn't just voices and she has the ability to hear the spirits when they're around, she soon learns about the spirits trying to take over the place. Stella tries to figure out how to drive them away but she gets played with her mind by the spirits. The more she tries the more difficult & deadly it gets. Find out if Stella can survive the Endless Night. ━─┉┈◈❖◈┈┉─━

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15 chapters
PROLOGUE"Do you hear what I hear?" Astonished Stella looks around, stared into the distance searching for the origin of that uncanny sound."No. It's just the cars across the street" said Hannah."It's not the cars. It's like somebody speaking something nearby... in a way too heavy voice" Stella said unable to figure out what.Stella's heart throbbed when she heard footsteps, they could see no soul around. The sound of footsteps grew louder, as if it's coming nearer."Whoever said you ain't funny is an idiot" Hannah announced to an empty street of Montreal. Stella walked briskly pulling her by the elbow.It wasn't the first time she was hearing something around in the dark but it probably was the last she thought. She never heard anything of that sort ever again until she stepped in an age old Villa.Stella's dad Steven Montez was the only son of an exceptionally successful Architect of Wakefield, Harrison Montez. One of the reconstructors of MONTEZ VILLE.England, that's where it al
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Chapter - 1
5th July, 2009, Montreal.I opened my eyes as the sun glows outside the window. I propped myself up on my elbows and got rid of the blanket that's burdened on me. Even though it's summer, I love cozying up in my blanket but every morning the same thing burdens up on me. I glanced at my clock on the writing table at the corner of my room and suddenly my eyes were wide open "Oh shoot! It's 9 already" I gasped. I jumped out of my bed and stumbled over nothing. After getting freshened up & dressed in gray shirt that says 'Made in 93', given to me by brother Jamie on my 17th birthday. I hurried downstairs. "Good Morning Jay" I greeted Jamie on seeing him sitting on the couch with an empty quarter-plate and left over bread crumbs. "Goof Morfing" He greeted back mouth fully, his hair scattered, almost reaching his green hazel eyes.Here is my younger brother, who just turned fifteen and He is as tall as our entrance door. He has got those majestic golden brown eyes and thick eyebrows, like
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Chapter - 2
Two beautiful little girls were playing in the backyard. One slightly taller, pointed towards the trees and said "Let's go play around the trees." They both started to play hide and seek. Each hid behind a different tree when it was their turn to hide. They kept playing and playing for hours. Little one counted till 20 and said loudly "Here I come" and moved deeper in the woods to find her sister. She got tired calling out to her, she couldn't find her for 3 minutes. She stood in front of wide barked tree. An unexpected "Boo" came a loud sound as her sister came out in view from behind the bark. Little one screamed while the other one laughed. "It's just me Stella" says the elder sister. "Don't panic, IT'S JUST ME STEL..." Hannah yelled in my ear while shaking my arm. I woke up from my deep sleep in the plane jerking my head. "Did I scream?" "Yea a little" Airhostess was standing beside Hannah's seat glaring at us holding with the breakfast trolly. I realized she was waiting fo
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Chapter - 3
It's been three days after the funeral and dad already started preparing to leave. Dad had to leave for Canada. Being a purchasing manager at Cisco, he had urgent company affairs to meet. The rest of us were here for 2 months. Since it is legal to make changes in the Villa before retrieving the Will, Mom's idea of redecorating the place seemed quiet genuine. Dad handed handsome amount of money for it. Within a couple of weeks after dad left, all the ceilings whose paint had been worn off were painted. Chandeliers were changed and kitchen had some major changes. The Sofas arrived after being replaced by new covers with a similar design but darker shade of red by the end of the week. The tuscan style dining room and the stone columns it contained were left untouched. The other rooms have been redecorated approximately to the original wallpaper and paint colors. The two enormous chest of drawers were moved from living room to the library placing it on the right and left of the brick
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Chapter - 4
Hannah was holding me, helping me climb the tree.I sensed something behind us coming closer but before I tilt my head, a really loud barking sound made Me and Hannah jump out our skin. Hannah lost grip and I would've fallen down if I wasn't holding on to that branch. "Jay? You freakin' idiot!" Hannah yelled as loud as she could when Jamie came into the view from behind. She kept hitting on his shoulder ang Jamie kept laughing hysterically."Okayy guys, I'm stuck here" I reminded them.Hannah pushed Jay towards me "Help her now".Jamie dropped the bag he was holding and stood below trying to figure out how to help. Without letting a moment pass by I stepped on his shoulder and got my other foot on the branch and climbed."Ow, why do both of you have problem with my shoulder?" Jamie said. Meanwhile Hannah explored his bag full of juice cans and a large pack of potato chips"Thank goodness, I've been feeling thirsty" She said while opening a can."Pass me one" I said while sitting th
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Chapter - 5
29th July, 2009. Wakefield"May I help?" The counter guy's voice made me come out of my thoughts. "Umm... some extra sauces and tissues" I shifted my gaze at Chris and Hannah. He was listening to her intently as she kept speaking about Grandpa. I was just trying to stay away from that discussion as long as possible."Here" he placed on the tray beside our sandwiches. I held the tray and went back to them. "...but dad never clearly told us why we were away for so many years." I heard her informing it to ChrisHannah always thought dad had non-architectural dreams, since grandpa was quite stern maybe he couldn't see his son doing what he doesn't want him to do, so he allowed dad to fulfill his wishes somewhere else. This is just a theory that doesn't explain why he never wished to see his only son after gran passed away."Your mom must know." Chris said to her quietly. I placed food tray on the on the table. Chris glanced at me. "Took you long enough, my order turned up as well, I'll
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Chapter - 6
The rest of the day I helped Annie cleaning up the mess and dust. Even after being tied up the whole day I wasn't​ really feeling tired. I stepped out of the room to find Hannah sitting on her bed using Mom's Laptop. "What are you doing?" I peeked in. "Checking facebook" she answered. "What? We have internet here?" "Eh" She nodded and pointed at her wifi dongle.My eyes widened "Where and when did you get that?" "That's the first thing I bought when we came here but it belongs to mom and I'm not gonna lend it to you"."Okay then, let me tell Jay about this." She lifted her head and gave a horrified look. I took few steps towards the hallway pretending to go after Jay. I looked back at her and smirked.She looked dead in my eyes "I'll kill you if you..." I kept moving "Wait! Come back" I pounced on her bed with a wide smile all over my face. Hannah looked irritated but I was still smiling "Stop smiling and listen, I'm not gonna let you use it to watch movies or whatever Glee episod
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Chapter - 7
Steven sat on a dining chair, his eyes wandered around everywhere but food in front of him. His mind was filled with so many thoughts.Never before did he thought about the things he'll go through after his papa's death. It is as if he was numb. He didn’t just lose a father, He had lost a part of himself. He thought aloud "I lost the time I had in which I could do everything for him but I didn’t."He tried to hold on but still a tear rolled down and dropped on the dining table right near the plate filled with buttered corns and a sandwich. Never have he ever felt tears after leaving childhood behind. They found their way to his eyes and now they aren't leaving. He was indulged in deep thoughts.“I wish I lived with him forever. My life, my success, my job, nothing was more important than love between me and him. I should’ve been there to take care of him even if he always wanted me away. Even if he wanted all this, I shouldn’t have left Wakefield.” A deep regret crept inside him.He g
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Chapter - 8
Beth sat on the beautiful peach sofa, resting one hand on the arm of sofa and holding the phone with another. Her exquisite face impatiently waited for the call to be lifted as if it's been ages since she has last spoken to her husband though she heard from him the night before. Normally, it would be dad who calls initially but today he didn't. During the call her only concern was if he had eaten sufficiently or had he eaten anything at all. Her worry enhanced when he honestly replied he didn't. Suddenly the door bell rang and she had to hang up on him after bidding short goodbyes, despite the fact they had to speak something more.Beth opened the doors herself. Aunt Lara showed up. She is my dad's youngest cousin who used to visit grandpa a lot before she moved to London. Mom welcomed Aunt up in her arms. "You look prettier every time I see you" She gave an honest complement to my Mom. "And you look exactly the same gorgeous Lara" Mom said and they smiled at eachother. Aunt Lar
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Chapter - 9
Mom's room was unusually dim with the evening sunlight passing through the window. I moved closer to mom. Mom never turned even though I clearly sounded terrified. She doesn't seem to care at all. 'What is so fascinating about the wall' I thought. She sat still and never answered me, exactly the same way that kid who looked like Matt did. I started to feel more terrified as I took a step towards her. Suddenly the bathroom door sprung open and it was mom who came out of it. It startled me. Before my eyes scanned back towards the bed, I could sense the image of my mom sitting on a bed dissappearing quickly. No one was there. A look of shock overtook my face. A figure like mom that I had just seen was gone. Vanished like it wasn't there at all. "Dear, what happened to you? She asked seeing me covered in sweat. "I-I don't know" I said breathlessly unable to figure out what's real. "You are sweating" She quickly came closer handing me her towel "Are you alright?". I kept staring at t
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