Act 0

Two hundred years ago a war broke out between all races the demons, humans, elves, beasts man, and dwarf races. they hate each other and fought each other for their people and lands. all of the races have the same mindset that they were superior beings and no one can win against them.

The human kinds have 10 chosen people by gods they have the power of the gods and they know as "demigods", elves have the power of the "world tree", beast man has their own superior physical strength and dwarf has their enchantment weapons but demon-kind was superior to them all even though all of the race combines their power they won't even hold the candle against demon king "Satan".

The war has going on for years After lots of slaughter and casualties. all races have come to an agreement that they will stop fighting with each other and live in peace but demon king "Satan" was against it. He knows that he will win the war but after looking at his people and the casualties his kind has.... he agrees with it. Satan was ruthless being he don't give a damn about other races but he is a soft-hearted person for his people he loves and cares for his people, So he don't want to see his people being slaughtered before his own eyes so he agreed.

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