A lonely heart

"I remember the first time I fell in love, I gave you all of my heart.

But when things started heading south, you broke me and left to die.

So think twice before you love me, think thrice before leave me, think again before you say that you care but I hope you dare.

So think twice before you love me, think thrice before leave me, think again before you say that you care cause am a heartless monster in love.

I have danced with death so pretty, how beautiful the darkness have become.

My heart aches yet I don't dare make a sound, maybe love wasn't meant for me.

So think twice before you love me, think thrice before leave me, think again before you say that you care but I hope you dare.

Cause am dancing in the rain, hoping you are in my arms. My heart aches so bad for you but am afraid to say it loud and it's driving me crazy...

So think twice before you love me, think thrice before leave me, think again before you say that you care cause am a heartless monster in love"

As the song ended Genesis body slowly fell to the ground with tears dripping down his eyes.

When Genesis body was slowly falling to the ground, the man transmitted a message to Genesis mind.

'what ever you do don't die'

'cause if you do, then your body in the real world will be an empty husk'

'don't indulged in the world you see or you will be forever trapped'

'your body will be re-created, and you will have access to 80 percent of your powers"

'to escape from the world, find the crux of why the whole thing was created and then the problem would be solved making you to return back to your body'


Genesis fell limply to the ground, the man created a domain to protect their bodies as his eyes was full of expectations.

Genesis felt a slight pain in his head, as he slowly opened his eyes he realized that he was in the woods marching with an army when they were suddenly ambushed by unknown attackers.

"What in the fucking hell", Genesis screamed as he was conned, he was in another body only to be welcomed by a rain of arrows.

"Commander it's an ambush" a soldier shouted.

"Quick, The dome shield formation", the commander shouted as his voice echoed throughout the woods. The soldiers quickly rallied round raising their shields above their head forming a dome made of shields, the body which Genesis was in was about to run out but he quickly heard Genesis cursing him in his head to head.

"Don't raise your shield, just hide under someone's else shield", Genesis saw that the person he was possessing was hesitating.

"Give me full control", Genesis could not hold it anymore as he wondered how someone as clumsy as the person he was possessing became a soldier, which he saw very laughable. The person soul didn't know we're the voice came from, but he tried to quickly retracted his soul into the depths of his body, his soul suddenly fused with Genesis soul as Genesis took control of his body.

"Must you trust every thing", Genesis raged and begin to spout curses again but shook his head and took control over the person body. When he focused back on the battle field he know knew why his intuition told him not to activate his shield. The arrows shot by the attackers had a high corrosive power that corroded the shields of the soldiers and when it now touched their skins it corrodes then to the bone, then the army of five hundred thousand soldiers was reduced to a measley troop of three thousand soldiers who had survived the first wave of the ambush.

O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 

O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 

Genesis took this little breather to look through the memories of the person who he is in possession and discovered that the humans were on the brink of extinction by the other races and the name of the person he had possessed was the body of the handsome man at the garden and his name was Casper.

After the rain of arrows had ended, the surviving soldiers were scared as they gathered round to get a breather another set of attack came, this time the attackers came in person.

"Dark elves", Genesis muttered

"Everyone get in formation, we will rather die fighting than bend our back to this bunch of beguiled dark elves, brothers raise your swords and spears and send this hellish fiend back to were they came from"

Genesis looked at the direction were the voice came from and saw a red head teen which is the commander of the troop facing the dark elves, she had fiery hair and a smooth skin, cold expression caressed on her face as she pointed her bone sword which was white as jade with blood red runes squirming in the sword giving it a sharp glint.

'kill them all'

'send them to were they came from'

'we have been bullied for too long, they think that we are pushovers, let's so them who their daddy is'

The voices of the soldiers echoed her words as their blood boiled within them, they had a fearless gave in their eyes as they faced the in coming tide of the enemies.




'glory to the human race, we never bend our knees to failures'

O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 

when the two sides collided it brought about huge shock waves, though the dark elves were ten times the numbers of the humans, when a human is about to die he will make sure he self detonate to bring down as many dark elves he can bring with him.

Genesis took in a deep breath but never knew that his actions of taking control of Casper has unforseen circumstances but right now the only thing in his mind is to survive. Limbs flew every were as the humans tried to fight for survival but their survival was slowly diminishing. Genesis charged into the already chaotic battlefield, he had found out that he could really use his hundred percent of his ability but he didn't force the power afraid that he might injure his eyes, every swing of his sword reaped the lives of many dark elves when a spear stealthily approached his back, Genesis snorted and swung his sword behind him.

Taking advantage on the force of the weapons collision he went back a few steps and swung his sword in an arc with the heads of three dark elves flying in the air, after killing those dark elves he charged once more to the dark elf that attacked him with a spear.

The dark elf was at first stunned at Genesis killing efficiency.

"You think your tricks is enough to ensure your survival, you human race are just little fries in the eyes of our great dark elves race"

"Can you keep your scum like words for yourself, it is just like you using your fart as a perfume. Just because it is good on you that doesn't mean you should sell it to others as a merchandise, so I have no need for it", Genesis shrugged as he felt his blood rushing faster and adrenaline seem to make hi fearless.

"Die", the dark elf face was green with fury as he charged at Genesis and in an instant they exchanged more than 50 blows instantly.

"Just had over your life and I Luf will give you a painless death", Luf snorted as he stabbed his spear in a crafty angle towards Genesis heart.

Seeing the incoming spear Genesis sneered and gathered all his energy in his sword and slashed it at Luf head, it wasn't a fancy sword technique but an ordinary swing of the sword using brute strength. 

Luf felt a great sensation of death and quickly switched from attacking to defending, when Genesis sword reached his spear a light bang was heard.


Luf spear broke in two with as a thin line of blood dripped from Luf head down to his abdomen splitting him in two equal half. Genesis felt weak as that very last attack took a heavy toll on him, that attack had all of his strength, body and soul poured into it to make it perfect.

"Maybe this is were I draw the curtain", Genesis muttered as another dark elf attacked him with a sword piercing through his heart, he clenched his sword tightly but didn't have the strength to raise his sword or even defend himself, so his focus was to see the battle that was going on in the sky.

As he watched he knew that the battle was drawing to it's close and the commander will certainly lose not because that she is weak but because that everything she is fighting for would be gone, the longer he looked more weapons stabbed into his body, he longed to lay on the battlefield and breathe his last but didn't have the energy to do so, Genesis died while standing not because he had a choice.

"Are not fighting any more?", The commander of the dark elf asked with a skeptical gaze as he grabbed the commander neck with her body dangling in the air without struggle.

"What is there to fight for, every soldier is dead, the human race is defeated and even though I have the strength, courage and power to win this war on my own what is the use when no one would be there to celebrate with you. Revenging for the human race is off my list because after revenge is pure emptiness especially if you are undying like me, so what is the meaning of everything", she shouted with a pained roar as tears streaked down her eyes as she failed to keep her promise 

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