Chapter 101: Origin

“With this world ending, a new world will enter its beginning,”

Konoha muttered and turn her back away from me.

I constantly losing my blood. My consciousness is fading away. I barely anything anymore. My body fell to the ground facing down.

The light in my eyes gradually became lifeless and hollow.

“This is what it means to hold the power of One’s Eden System. The ability to create and simulate a universe and create anything. This infinite-like ability. Creating infinite possibilities. Next time I will create a world and enjoy myself once again, after enjoying destroying it again. The cycle goes on and on. Forever and ever!”

This world will be destroyed. All of those memories I have in this world will be gone forever. Now that I think about it. My life here in this world is the most fun memory I have. It even exceeds the memories I have in the overworld.

In the overworld, I wasted all my life. Finding and killi

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