Chapter 41: New Mission

Destructive explosion and exchange of sword. Metallic sounds when two swords met. A Black-armored demon facing a man in undying flame.

“What are you doing! Glenn!”

“Defeat everyone! Defeat Everyone!”

Stella city is ruined and people screaming in chaos.

“Are you serious? Are you going to destroy everything?”

“Yuki will smile at me when I defeat everyone. I must defeat everyone. She will smile on me.”

Ren with his flaming sword charge toward Glenn inside a demon armor with a killing attempt.

“Blazing assassination slash!”

Turning back the time, to tell the story before everything comes to ruin.

After meeting the girl with the same face as Konoha. Ren survives from her magic.

It's night time meaning I can activate my vampire mode to make the regeneration as fast as a normal vampire. This defeat is proof that I'm not hat strong to defeat evil

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