Chapter 42: Prototype ultimate demon

The prototype ultimate demon is an experimental demon created to become Zeno’s demon army. Not being completed and uncontrollable prototype demons are used to roam free in the kingdom for some testing. In multiple irregular circumstances allowed the demon to run rampant. This demon will fight instinctual until its body breaks.

This demon is a puppet of carnage. Destroying anyone on its sight.

“I’m the strongest… Everyone is weak…”

Ren and Glenn don’t want to drag the battle and start their first move by transforming to their armors.

Like before in Steel Island Ren awaken his ability to guardian equipped. An Ability where the guardian he has will bestow him an armor that will increase his ability and strength. Glenn also has the same, but instead of guardian spirits. Glenn has a demon reside him, he is also a demon contractor.

The demon he contracted with is granting him the anti-magic. His swords are not

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