Epilogue of Part 1: Familiar face

One month has passed.

(After completing his missions, Ren is currently on his own way to go home in Celest city. With the money, he earns with missions. Ren decided to buy a house for Hikari and himself in Celest city. The house is an ordinary house. A fine house that he called home.)

Riding my broom like I was surfing. The night is so silent and so peaceful. It's like the time stopped.

"It's so dark and I can't see the way."

To find my way back to Celest city. I get the compass in my pocket and look for the west direction straight to Celest city.

Looking around me, all I saw is a rocky mountain on my left and a forest on my right side. This area is not familiar to me. This is the first time I have ever gone here.  Struggling to find my way. I notice that my compass is moving weirdly. It keeps on spinning in different directions.

With this I am toward the conclusion that...

"I'm really lost."



Thank for reading... This is the end of Part 1: Our adventure. The next part will be a rollercoaster ride. An absolute chaotic ride of ups, lefts, rights, and downs. Flaming Assassin will continue... Part 2: Destruction begins

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