Chapter 45: Real world memory

The year 2056, December 10th, is in the real-world calendar.

In the middle of the Pacific ocean, a laboratory owned by [Harusaki company] is simulating another world. Using advanced technology. The company is striving to make a futuristic Artificial Intelligence(AI) that can rival human beings.


A group of friends that form a guild and beat death game was recruited to participate in the test run of the world the company simulating the world called [Overworld]. The Overworld runs at a different speed than the real world. exceeding 2,000,000 times faster than the real world. This world can be called a work of God.

The guild leader and the one that beat the horrific death game named Kanna and her guildmates Kazuya, Miyu, and Yuki dive inside the game for a test run.

Converting their Soul in the software called [Soul converter]. Making a realistic copy of the player to the simulation.

December 17th, 2056 in the real world.

After a part

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