Chapter 5: The past I won't forget

5 years ago, In the far eastern side of the continent of Arsland, there is a town with no name. The town was surrounded by mountains. People in this town are normally slaves.

The main occupation in this town is mining, we who is in the right age was ordered to work. As children, we are only tasked to dig a little and push the carts toward the exit point. In exchange, the chief gives us food, shelter, and allowance.

Compare to other boss, our chief is a bit composed and has dignity. He even promised that anyone can just buy their freedom. He kept his words and there are plenty of people already worked so hard and earn ed their deserve freedom.

And that is the main goal of my friend Hikari.

Hikari is a girl with blonde hair and she is super optimistic in very thing, She works hard every day to earn money and buy her freedom someday. She is the cheerful girl I only could ask for.

She is my one and only light in this darkness.

“Let’s work work work, Ren, the world will be looking down on you if you die as a slave. Here, quenched youreself and drink some water… Being hydrated is important.”

Hikari handed over the bottle of water. I take a sip. After that, I take a glance at Hikari.

“You really work harder than anyone, you take things seriously. The chief also says that children got to have more rest than adults because they are young. Instead of having 8 hours of work. We only got 5 hours of work every day until we reach the age of 16.”

“Well, this is just a practice. Look this is a skill I learned when I saw the adults last time.”

With the shovel in her hand, Hikari focused her energy and the shovel started to lit up in light blue color. After that, as she trust the shovel to the ground. The soil easily dug down like mud.

“See? This is called skill energy. With the right usage and motion. The skill will be activated. Why don’t you try doing it, Ren?”

“Me? I’m not talented in those kinds of stuff.”

“That’s why you’re not popular with girls you give up easily without trying it. If you are that wimpy how are you going to protect the one you love the most in the future.”

Hikari said.

As I heard those words coming out of her mouth. Only one face appeared in my head.

It was hers.

“You need to be competent enough, Ren.”

Unlike me who is working just to have dinner and sleep.

Hikari works hard because she has a dream.

As she looks up at the stars in the night sky. She is just thinking about the wonderful place that she is able to go to when she became free.

With the book in her hands, she turned her glance to me and said:

“I will become a traveler and travel around this vast world. Ren, what do you want to do in your life?”

Hikari asked.

“What I’m going to do in my life?”

That’s a simple question. I paused a bit and blushed. Pulling my courage as I release my next words.

“I want to support you… In your dreams and in everything. I want to be with you. Hikari! I may be weak today but I promise you that I will work hard. To become a person rightful to walk beside you… Lets travel together seeing those wonder place you are always talking about. Hikari, I want to be with you forever.”

Hikari blushed a bit and my emotions seems to reach her.

She makes a sweet smile.

“I’m happy, very very happy. Thank you, Ren.”

Said Hikari.

In Hikari’s saving jar. I also put my earning in order to support her. For myself, I also save so that I could buy my freedom.

 Months passed and I change for the better. I started training every morning to strengthen my body. Some officials with chief teach us, children, how to use a sword.

The chief then asked me to deliver a gift. A gift to her daughter that is about to study in the capital city named Grandbell city.

“Where are you going, Ren?”

Hikari asked.

“I’m asked to deliver something to the heiress of this town. You can go now I will be back before the sunset.”

“Umm… You look excited. Are you excited seeing the pretty daughter of the chief?”

Hikari said like she was teasing me.

“What are you talking about? In my eye’s you are cuter than her.”

Hikari blushed more.

“Umm… Well, you are cute that’s what I mean! Besides, why are you blushing so hard?! It’s making me feel a bit embarrassed.”

“Me?! You are the one that looks like a tomato right now!”

We argue about this small stuff and paused followed by a a laugh.

“Anyway take care in your journey. The harbor is a bit far away from the town please be cautious.”

“I’ll be fine I’m very strong, I’m your knight and I will protect you in the future. I’ll come back soon. Take care.”

I get the sword just in case of emergency and left the town.

Hikari meanwhile, gets her materials and off to work.

It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon when I reached the harbor and deliver the gift.

“Dad sure worry so much. He even let me have this stuffed toy. Say to him that I’m not a kid anymore!”

“Well, your dad really loves you and always treats you as a kid.”

“Thank you for going all the way here to deliver this thing. I really appreciate it. Here is a token of gratitude.”

The heiress take my hand and put a bag of gold coin in my palm. Inside was about hundred of gold coins.

I was surprised and attempted to give it back.

“Sorry, but I can’t receive such an expensive amount from you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I always look in both of you. Hikari and you. Unlike the other kids in the town, you both have dreams. That makes me want to help both of you. I could hear both of you talking every night wanting to make you’re dreams come true. That is the reason I want to do reach my own dream.”

Are we that noisy every night?

The room we used is near the mansion of the chief.

“… Just take it and buy your freedom.”

Heiress said and ride the ship.

“She is so pretty and kind. With this gold, we can buy freedom and set off on an adventure. Freedom is worth 50 gold coins. We can make our dream come true.”

I muttered with a smile and leave the harbor.


That is what I thought.

The sunsets and the night comes. But instead of the night with a starry sky. I saw a red sky.

“What was that? That is the direction of the town. What’s happening?!”

Anxious, I rushed back as fast as I could.

Knights from the capital are attacking the town.

Even the chief that is lively this morning got his head cut down and put in the pole. Chaos and violence are all over the place. Bunch of dead people scattered around.

I breath heavily and my toes started to become stiff.

In my head, Hikari’s face appeared.

“Hikari? That’s right! I have to find Hikari!”

I promised her that I will protect her.

That’s why I change and train hard.

To Became the person able to walk with her under the beautiful blue sky.

“Hikari! Hikari! Hikari!”

I was in the path toward the hill near the mining place. I don’t know why but my instinct is telling me that Hikari is there or I sensed Hikari's presence there.

I run fast as I could.

There I saw her long blonde hair sway as the gust of wind blows.



“Thank goodness that you are safe. It’s dangerous here let’s go away in this town.”

Hikari looks to our room near the chief mansion.

“Our room is still not burning, we might be able to get our savings before leaving. Also, the book my mother gave me. It’s very important to me. I don’t want to lose it.”

“Are you insane?!”

“I don’t care!”

Hikari runs toward her room and desperately get her book and savings. I followed her to assist her.

The flames crawled the room got caught it. Debris and wood fall toward my head.

“Sword skill: Light Slash!”

Hikari used a sword skill to cut down the debris and saved my life.

Hikari grabbed my hand and run away from home.

What am I doing? I’m the one that needs to protection? I refuse. Why I’m so wimpy and useless in this situation. Hikari always protects me. Am I just a little brother figure to her? I thought as I run away with her.

I pulled my hand from hers in frustration.

“What’s wrong with you, I nearly lost my balance.”

“Stop looking at me like a little brother, I’m a man, I will protect you.”

She steadily look at me briefly. Understanding my feeling she hug me and whispered.

“I’m counting on you, Ren… Just like you… You’re the one I love the most.”


She let go of me making step back.

She confessed to me.

“Same here… I love you, Hikari.”

Suddenly, a sword come piercing Hikari’s stomach from behind. Blood sprayed out of her mouth. The sword burst with flames together with Hikari’s body.

“I love you too, Ren.”

He fell down burning her flawless white skin turned to back coal in instant. In front of my eyes.

The one who did that was a man covered with red robe.

The red robe terrorist.

I won’t forget this night… For the rest of my life. I won’t stop until I burn this man in front of me to cinders. I’ll make sure that I’ll burn him down… I’ll burn them down… all of this people.

Evil people burn in flames.

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