Chapter 9: Lia's smell

The news that Lia became a demon spread because of some neighbor who spotted Lia with wings and red eyes.

The people who feared demons started to raid the house of Lia.

"Lia we know that you’re there... Go out or else we're going to put fire in your house."

"Kill the demon! Kill the demon!"

Inside the house. Lia and her grandmother are started to pack some important things.

"Grandmother I guess I can carry the two of you with my wings, let's escape in this town and live somewhere else."

"Mama, the people are getting angry, why they're angry? You didn't do anything bad when you became a demon."

"Well people just tend to fear demons, I can't blame them."

Told Lia to Alice.

"Lia let's escape using this window."

Said the grandmother as she open the window.

Lia carries Alice and her grandmother and flies from the window toward the sky.

But some residence notice the escape of their family and cast ma

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