Reincarnated as a Dwarf

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Reincarnated as a Dwarf

By: CmdrSpock OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A total tech nerd reincarnates into the body of a dwarf living in the equivalent of the dark ages. He's been granted some extra power in his rebirth, but will that be enough to fight back against cultural norms, dwarven tradition, and the gods themselves to get back to his beloved gadgets?

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31 chapters
Call me Ishmael… Is what I’d say if my name mattered. But since no one knows or cares about my name, not even myself, I’ll just get to telling my story. I was an average American millennial, with a job, mortgage, credit card, and friends on social media that I never saw in person. It was a good life. One thing that set me apart from the average guy was my love of technology. Every minute of every day of my life was spent in front of a computer screen, working, gaming, reading, watching movies, listening to music, everything I did was done on a computer, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Now, if you are wondering why everything is in the past tense, it’s because I appear to have died. I’m not sure how, or why, but I am, without a doubt, deader than a doornail and without a corporeal form. Looming in front of me in the midst of an infinite white void was what appeared to be a judges bench. It was well over fifteen feet high, with depictions of gods from the Norse, Roman, Gr
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A New Life
I was reborn into the body of a baby dwarf. Not exactly the best afterlife experience out there, but it was still better than anything written about by Dante, or talked about in Sunday school. Needless to say, it was an extremely jarring experience, going from a fully ambulatory and rather strong adult’s body, to an infant who couldn’t even hold up his own head. However, it was better than having my soul disposed of to avoid filling out the paperwork for an errant soul. The name I got saddled with upon my rebirth was Kvalinn Ekgorsson. It didn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but it could’ve been worse. Occasionally I’d overhear my father mention people with ten syllable names in passing conversation with his friends. Those were names I most certainly did not want to have attached to me, spelling them would doubtlessly be a nightmare!As for the language, I learned the same way any infant learns. Papa, mama, baba, ect. Although unfortunately I didn’t get to use the word ‘mama’. Apparen
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Meeting other dwarves
“Kvalinn, pump the bellows! You’re working with steel now, remember? The fire has to be a lot hotter if you want to melt it.” Following my father’s instructions, I climbed my makeshift stairs to reach the bellows. I’m now a little taller than I used to be, but I’m still less than 2 feet tall. Three years have passed since I first received my hammer. I’ve been so busy that they seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye. Father has been teaching me weapon crafting work from dawn till dusk. Not that there is a dawn or dusk since we live deep underground, but from breakfast to dinner, Father would train me as he did his own work. Unfortunately, the grand dreams I once entertained of using my rune of forging to bring 21st tech to this world all failed spectacularly. Like any American millennial, I could tell you roughly how the various gadgets used in my daily life worked and could operate them with finesse and competence, but that didn’t translate well into knowing exactly how the devic
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Dwarven Youth center
The next morning I woke up at the usual time, but when I attempted to get started on my usual chores, my father stopped me with a gesture. “Don’t worry about that, Kvalinn. Today you will be accompanying Zikruk to socialize.” Father almost gagged in disgust and revulsion on the word socialize. Apparently he was no fonder of the act of socialization then I was. “Wash yourself up and prepare gifts in case you meet anyone you need to make a good impression on.” “Gifts?” I asked. “What type of gifts should I give?” “Depending on the person, either something small and token, or something more substantial. Customers get the former, and Elders get the latter.” Father then began working on the chores I normally did. Pointedly refusing to elaborate. I began thinking of what gifts I could feasibly give. I didn’t have any money, and most of my practice weapons that I had made up until now had been scrapped so that the materials wouldn’t be wasted. Maybe I could bake something? In my previ
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My First Rune
Looking around, I realized that I had finished just in time. The defenders were down to their last three students. One of them was the overly aggressive girl who had been pulled earlier, apparently she had challenged the Elder and had gotten put back in the game. “Finished already?” Elder Threrburk raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Let me inspect it, and if I find you have either not finished it, or done a shoddy job, then you will be cleaning this place by yourself for a week.” With a respectful nod, I handed Elder Threrburk the dagger. He took it with experienced hands and began scrutinizing it with the eyes of a hardened warrior. Examining the heft, the balance, the grip, and finally the edge. “Ancestors beard.” He muttered to himself. “I don’t know if it was luck, or the gods playing tricks, but the lad somehow managed to add a magic rune to his weapon in a half hour! Let’s see, it appears to be the rune of… Beer?” Elder Therburk cleared his throat and glared down at me with a mi
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First day of school
It’s time! I finally get to go back to school! I raced to get dressed in the clean clothes I had washed last night. I knew this day had been coming ever since being reborn and had been anticipating my second attempt at school life, but I had become especially anxious for this day ever since all my attempts to make 21st century technology had failed. Because what’s in every school? A library! Maybe there was some dwarven technology that could approximate the gadgets from my past life.“Are you ready, Kvalinn?” Zikruk called out from the entrance of my home. “We’re gonna be late if you don’t hurry!”Zikruk was at my home this morning to guide me to the school building. One of the things I had apparently inherited from my previous life was my sense of direction, which was so bad back then that I could easily get lost in a grocery store. “I’m almost ready. Just need to pack a few more things.” I hurriedly shoved writing materials and some cookies into my bag and went downstairs. In this
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First classes
At the end of the break time, Elder Rongrim stood to address the class. “Break time is over. Follow the assistant teacher to your next class. Physical Education and Combat Training.”One of the students from the scholar clan raised his hand. “Honored Elder, why is combat training necessary for those who aren’t part of the warrior clan?” Elder Rongrim glared sharply at the student for a minute before replying in a low growl. “When goblins tunnel through the city floors, or humans attack the walls with towers and battering rams, will you join your fellow dwarves in defending your family? Or will you cower under your desk like a weak beardless halfling?”More than a little intimidated by the Elder’s answer, and embarrassed by his friend's teasing looks, the student
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Advanced Classes
“Good morning, Kvalinn!” Bekhi greeted me with a cheerful smile from the school steps. “How was your winter break? Did you make anything cool for the Elders?” Five years have passed since we first started school and we were both ten years old. It’s been a relatively peaceful time. Mostly spent working with my father or at school, and mostly free from adventures. Unfortunately, the past five years had not brought me one iota closer to getting 21st century tech to my home. My abilities in weapon crafting have increased substantially, I can create nearly any weapon used by men and dwarves. However, all my attempts to modernize my life using rune power have failed spectacularly. After making the first rune for Elder Thrikrondromm, I was not given any more lessons on how to
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Rune Class
One Grueling hour of training later, an hour that seemed to last for a week, I stumbled out of Advanced Combat class with multiple knicks, bruises, and at least one new scar that would hopefully make for a fun story in a few decades, and began making my way to my next class. Bekhi had gotten better with her weapons after visiting her family and the result had been an unrelenting assault on my shield that made me wonder if I should just forget about trying to use my weapon altogether in a fight against her, and just make myself a shield with a star and stripes.My next class for the day was Rune Theory with Elder Thrikrondromm. I wondered as I entered the classroom, if he still remembered me. After all, we hadn’t seen each other in at least five years.“Kvalinn Ekgorsson!” Boomed the angry voice of Elder Thrikrondromm. “Get here and shut
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The day after
The next morning I woke up with a mild head cold. Most likely it was the penalty for a dwarfs body after spending so long in sub freezing temperatures. I made a mental note to never make another rune of snow ever again, and since I had overslept I was forced to run to school. Fortunately, dwarves are natural sprinters. Very dangerous over short distances. So I was able to land in my seat a few seconds before Elder Rongrim entered the room. “Kvalinn! Why are you late? You’re never late!” Bekhi whispered to me in concern as I took my normal seat next to her. “Are you alright? You look a little flushed.”“I’m fine, testing the rune yesterday made it freeze in the testing room and got me stuck in there for a while. But it’s nothing serious. I just need to stand
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