Lord Darkness

The girl's appearance was so otherworldly that both Nassia and Narciuss were stunned by her beauty.

Suddenly they heard the girl looking at them but Nassia suddenly heard a voice directly inside her mind," Hurry up and help me get out of here. That bad guy will be back".

Nassia immediately said to her brother," Narciuss we need to free her".

Narciuss came to his senses and said," What did you say?".

Nassia immediately replied," Narciuss we need to free her. Let's try to break open the cage".

Saying so she attacked the cage but hardly any scratch was made.

Even Narciuss used all his strength but there was hardly any scratch. This made them both stunned. As they were both the strongest people in the world. Thier tier had already reached tier 8.

Suddenly Nassia heard the girl's voice in her mind and she followed her instructions and pressed the button on the side of the compartment to open the glass chamber.

As soon as she did the girl directly hugged Nassia and said," Hurry up, and let'
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