"I hope I'll be really sane."

    He looked at the back at intervals to ascertain if the lady was still tailing him. He couldn't be too sure. He couldn't track her. He couldn't see her. Maybe she was done tracking the trail. Maybe she was already scared of him. 

     He kept his limbs vexing his instinct. He was really in rage of time. He wanted to get all done quickly and forget that everything was happening to him. He wished that all was but a dream. He simply couldn't handle it anymore. He couldn't. 

      The eyes of the azure was growing sharper, perhaps sharpened by the blade of the callous clouds. He could feel the heat of the wiles in the depth of his stomach and wanted to catch his breath. He was afraid that he might lose it. He had no time for that. 

        "I can't touch a thing?"


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