Supplementary Chapter 3

      "Where is the helmet of Jin?"

      No sooner than the knock came the voice. Ja Lia was sure who that was. Of course, twas one of his brothers. The eldest. He was always upfront because he always wanted to have the greatest part of the share. What a greedy asshole he was. 

      "Don't stop."

     The lady was still sucking his cock. The pleasure was taunting. She didn't need him to tell her in the first place. She wouldn't stop of course. Even if he did want her to stop, she wouldn't. She was bent on making him feel what she had felt while he was riding her. 

      "Won't you open up now, Ja?"

      The voice came again. He didn't care. The brother should stand there for all he did care. He was doing what was more important to him. He had never felt that kinda pleasure. Not in a very long time.

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