Supplementary Chapter 4

       "Now, he will take forever to have him here."

   He looked. The view was plain aside for the beaten sepulchres washed by the rage of rain and insane sun. The strength was odd and if he had no idea of the fact that the tombs were carved from rocks, he probably would had said that the sepulchres would collapse the next day. 

      He had been waiting for Ja Lia. He had looked and tiptoed for all he cared. There was nothing to show for. He wasn't even in the spotlight. Probably he had even forgotten that they would be meeting or he might be hanging out with some ladies. He of course was so given to ladies. 

     The tongue of the sun was latching on him. He wished he could hide somewhere. He was afraid of entering one of the sepulchres. He could never cope with the fear of a ghost appearing to him. He believed in the concept of ghosts and he did believe strong

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