.      "Treason!!!!"

       He looked. He was alert. His eyes were steady like the flicker of a trained torchlight. He kept his gaze savoring the aroma of the tensed atmosphere. He wasn't afraid of the hell he had let loose. He simply was going to buy time as long as possible. He had no idea what the gladiators of the Monarch were up to in battle. He had no idea how strong they were and could be. He didn't want to stand. That would affect his chances of having a strong stance on what he had let loose. His chances were slim, but he would give it all twould take. He watched the gladiators tried to raise the master up. Firstly it seemed as though they were not interested in him. Like they wouldn't come after him for taking the life of their master. He knew that that was some lie from Utopia. Probably they were simply trying to process what was happening. Probably they were simply having time to make pain

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