"Or uhmmm...."

     He tried as much as possible to distract himself. He wouldn't be owing his stray of actions to anyone but himself. He didn't give a damn about taking responsibility for all he had done. Didn't always matter to him. He simply only wanted to be distracted for the sake of the lad. To himself, he was doing the lad a favor. He didn't want to kill him and therefore must pretend he was not seeing him. He had no idea why he was even nursing that thought of killing him. He tended to take delight in pain and gores. He didn't care who was affected. All he cared about was what good it did poise at him. He was quite the quaking psychopath. He had tried so many a thoughts out but none at that moment to him was worth his while. He didn't want to keep reeling from and over what had been evenly walked. His eyes were beginning to widen. He was making rage of his life. He was enraged by nature. He hated to ad

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