"Which way to the arena?"

       He turned and looked at the lad as he stepped out of the castle. Out of the gate. He yet retained his composure and his eyes were what he used to know. The Cod yet had a last thought about the castle. Whether or not he would go there. Whether or not he would return there after leaving the arena. That thought actually or action should be determined or spelled out by quite the numbers of things. He knew that. That was what it is. If he did kill Ja Lia and toss his head to Medusa, of course he would make his choice. Whether or not return to the Castle. He hadn't thought of killing the Monarch when he'd left for his abode. But when nature demanded it, he was left with no choice. But at that moment, of course he could make his choice. He could choose whether or not he wanted to return and be their monarch. He could choose whether or not a part of him wanted to govern over the h

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