A prize for knowledge

     In the forest. 

      "Sorry I pushed you but who are you?"

    Tahni pleaded as she stood tall, away from the fallen trunk of the fir tree. Her hand was outstretched to help the wierd lady up, and the lady grabbed it. But as the lady grabbed her hand, there coursed a current from the lady's palm, which taunted the veins of Tahni. Tahni let go of the lady's hand, she felt drained. She fell on her back, though still conscious. 

   The lady walked to her and offered her hand but Tahni didn't take it. The beautiful face of the lady folded into a rich smile as she said in broken accent,

     "Don't be feared Aynea. Aynea be friends."

      Tahni helped herself up as she considered the lady closely. She could make the full feature of the wierd lady out finally. But what she seemed to have a problem was the accent. And of course, the body contact. 

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