Tahni's Encounter

        In the forest. 

     "I don't think I can go on with you."

    The plumpy lady said, breathing heavily. Her face was already pale, and her cheeks clothed in the heat of the gnawing sky. The sun was at its peak. The branches of the trees could only but severe the ties of the unbridled rays. 

     "But how am I supposed to get through this? How am I supposed to locate the old man in this thick forest, alone, Jimat?"

     Tahni complained, wielding the persuasive gaze. Though she didn't have all, but she had that compelling gaze. That gaze which makes you go out of your own way to please her. And that was the gaze which had brought the two of them that far. But would the charm's potency be enough at such face of stress?

    "You just have to keep going straight."

     The lady said, her arms supported by her knees as she stooped in we

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