Stronger Bonds...


~The King and Queen~

"Are you sure that was Poseidon? I do not mean to pervert your judgement or ridicule your words of course. But I'm just worried that setting the people on a verge for what we're not really sure about could be detrimental to both us and them."

Vulcan took a break, taking a peek at his queen, his love, his woman, Athena. They were standing before the huge gate of the city which had recently been changed. The ramparts were under construction, and the borders of the village were the large forest to the West, rows of mountains to the East, the large lake to the North, and the desert of bones to the South. 

You could say that the settlement was a plague or Completion of existence in itself. But many of the people living in the land had no faintest idea of the desert of bones and the large lake. 

Everyone knew about the forest but only few knew about the rows of mountains. The f

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