Fiery love

     In the woods. 

~Prium and Miargos~

"Don't you think this is Madness?"

Miargos' pace behind her gave her a sense of freedom, yet the stalker would not stop getting on her nerves. She spun around at him and yelled,

"You know what madness is? Madness is you following me around. Following me about like a leech, whose anterior sucker connects to its host, giving it a lofty benefit to be stuck on the skin for as long as it wants."

The fact that she halted was like a blessing to him. He had learnt to see beyond her bickers and indifference. He had learnt from his father that one's first love is like a gun put to your temple, whose trigger had been bothered. Just a movement of the finger and off the bullet goes, eating through the skin, crunching bones. Every obstacles in its way tantamount to bygone. 

He had been able to make just an iota of sense from that Maxim. And most times, he had knuckled under the fact that his

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