The Strange Lady: Athena?


"Over there."

A man called at another who had a spear in his hand and was running after a lone man who was dressed differently from the two. 

The caller was quite swift but what he had in his hand was an ax, whose wooden handle seemed to be under a spell of splitting. 

The man who they were on was running through the ruins, avoiding the fallen houses and burnt barns. The whole village was in tumult and amongst the several invaders where those two who were keen on taking the poor lone man down. 

Unfortunately, the man stumbled on a fallen part of the roof of a house which had been destroyed. He fell on his face, his left hand plunged into a 4-inches nail. He screamed and wrenched in pain. 

"Hell of a runner."

The first invader got to the man and towered over him.

"You all and your lot should had left this land when you had the opportunity but look at you now. Where is that will and cou

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