Half of you, Vulcan!

   The hut on the lips of water. 

"What is it?"

Vulcan asked hurrying after Ayla who had just walked out of the house. Her round cum pretty face had stiffened in concern and jealousy though Vulcan couldn't place it in the first place. 

"A war is going on in the land now."

She said sternly looking to the shore of the lake. Her back to him as he caught up with her. 

"I don't think that's all. Since when did you start to be concerned about the war of the land. Aren't I your concern?"

Then he stopped talking for a while, trying to read her expression. He hadn't seen her that way ever. He hated to think that probably Prium had spread her dark qualities on his precious Ayla. That couldn't be right. 

Then suddenly, something popped into his mind. It could only be that. He touched her left arm and spun her to face him,

"Is Athena here? Is she? Tell me."

Ayla stared at him for a while, her dark eyeba

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