The Blade Dance

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The Blade Dance

By: SickSix OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Eran and Theo, are two close friends that belong to the infamous mercenary group, Band of de Sun. Eran is driven by ambition for revenge, seeking retribution for his clan's death, while Theo seeks to realize his dreams of power and control. The road ahead of them will not be as beautiful as they imagined. The band's loyalty is tested, and tragedy ensues, forcing Eran and Theo to question their principles and reasoning. Will their friendship survive the clash of ambitions and the test of loyalty that awaits them? In a world driven by power and revenge, Eran and Theo's friendship will be put to the test. Will they find a way to reconcile their ambitions, or will their path lead them to a painful harsh reality?


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69 chapters
Prologue: A World Shrouded in Shadows
The cold night air came with bone-chilling arrogance. The air was stiff and thick, giving the sense that this night was full of dark secrets hidden in the darkness. The endless dark sky was covered in thick black clouds, leaving not the slightest gap for the moonlight to penetrate the night.Sinners City is a small place looked down upon by many as a place where criminals and traitors gather. Nestled in the middle of a lush forest and flanked by hills, the town has become a sanctuary for people considered a "disgrace" by the Eroth Empire. However, unlike the stories, Sinners are a peaceful and prosperous city.The townspeople enjoyed a harmonious life under the wise and just leadership of Olaf. Despite their tarnished reputation, the Sinners live with dignity and courage. They built their homes among the towering trees, and the sound of the wind whispering among the leaves lent a magical feel to the evening atmosphere.The city is home to the Sinners Clan, a group of people who are co
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Act 1 - Eran the lonewolf
Eran gently rubbed his weary eyes, stirring from a fleeting respite within the tattered horse-drawn carriage. The aged driver, a weathered soul at the reins, roused him with the announcement that they had reached their journey's end. As Eran gazed around, he beheld the crossroads unfolding before him."Awaken, young man!" the old driver's voice rang out, his gnarled hands tending to the horse's bridle with seasoned care. The vehicle, a relic of its former self, bore little resemblance to a proper horse-drawn carriage. Eran shook off the remnants of sleep, his senses sharpening enough to discern the crossroads that lay ahead."Step down; this is as far as I can take you," the old man declared.Eran disembarked from the timeworn carriage, savoring the crisp morning air. His body felt stiff from the cramped quarters, but his consciousness had fully returned. As he surveyed his surroundings, he realized he stood at a tranquil crossroads. In the distance, a breathtaking rural panorama unfur
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Act 1 - Eran the lonewolf (Part 2)
With a meaningful glance, Halbarad beckoned Eran to follow. In Halbarad's eyes, Eran glimpsed a reflection of his own pain—an unspoken recognition of the shadows that haunted their lives."Join me," Halbarad urged, his voice imbued with reassurance. "You can place your trust in me. Even if I harbored ill intentions, my actions would be thwarted before I could enact them." With those words, Halbarad moved away, leaving Eran momentarily torn by his lingering skepticism."Quickly!" Halbarad's urgent exhortation jolted Eran from his contemplation, compelling him to abandon his hesitation and follow suit.Eran trailed behind Halbarad as they exited the tavern, venturing through the lively streets of Alku Village. Halbarad deftly navigated the labyrinthine alleys, and a torrent of inquiries surged within Eran's mind. The thoroughfares narrowed, and sharp, prying gazes from passersby punctuated their passage. Ultimately, Halbarad came to a halt before a building at the terminus of their journ
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Act 1 - In the Crowd of Mercenaries
Eran stood at the crossroads, where many people were already hurrying on with their busy lives. One could say it was still quite early in the morning for such activity. Leaning against a massive wall, he folded his arms across his chest, his unwavering gaze fixed upon the towering edifice before him. A sign with the inscription 'Golden Guild Alku' and an engraving of two swords adorned the building.A passing glance would reveal it as a guild, specifically catering to mercenaries in search of the means to survive.Eran adjusted the hood of his cloak and then pushed open the imposing wooden door, stepping into the bustling interior. The air was filled with the sounds of clinking armor, animated conversations, and hearty laughter. Mercenaries of varying stature, clad in diverse armor and attire, mingled throughout the guild hall. Tables and chairs were scattered about haphazardly on both sides.Undeterred, Eran advanced without sparing a glance at the guild's ambiance. He approached a
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Act 1 - A conversation in the middle of the campfire
After weeks of travel through diverse terrains, the contingent of Heirs of Golden soldiers and mercenaries arrived at an expansive expanse of land. Here, the vegetation was scarce, and the withered grass stretched out before them. In the distance, they spotted a city with a small footprint, its external view hinting at an ancient, forsaken settlement. At its heart stood a weathered castle, and the fortifications surrounding it bore the marks of time's passage.This place stood to the south of Alku Village, marking the outermost border of Heirs of Golden territory. At first glance, the small town appeared uninhabited, but beneath the surface thrived a community of iron miners. It came as no surprise that the surface appeared deserted, considering the wealth of iron mines below. Throughout history, two Heirs had made attempts to conquer this stronghold, known as Ironclaw City.Ironclaw City presented the visage of an impregnable fortress, nestled amidst a rugged landscape of rocks, its e
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Act 1 - Negotiation with Arrows
The castle fortress boasted towering stone towers, while its walls, rising to a height of approximately 5 meters, were constructed from sturdy bricks. Paul de Leaf, the stern ruler of IronClaw City, stood atop the castle battlements. The cold wind swept through his hair and tugged at his robes as he surveyed the scene before him with sharp eyes. Archers, positioned meticulously on each side, stood ready, their arrows poised, aimed toward the horizon should their leader require them.News of an impending attack had reached his ears five days prior, delivered by a messenger from the Berillan Kingdom. The letter declared the King's desire for Ironclaw City to renounce its independent status and become a vassal of the kingdom. The initial insult had left Paul incensed, but he had maintained composure, considering that a Royal envoy had read the letter's contents. As he neared the letter's conclusion, Paul was swayed by a final offer—the King proposed that if Paul accepted, he would become
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Act 1 – Blades of Ironclaw
As the mist began to obscure visibility, the stage was set for the impending assault. The weight of responsibility bore down on General Aldrich's shoulders as he cast a nervous glance toward Theo and Taran. Their reassuring smiles served as a reminder to maintain composure amid the impending chaos. The troops marched in silence, their apprehensions gradually giving way to the aspiration for victory. He glanced back once more and nodded confidently. "To the honor of the hunter!" Aldrich declared, reciting the motto of the Berallin Kingdom. Then, he bolstered his resolve with a deep breath."ATTACK!!!" Aldrich's voice pierced the crisp air, signaling the commencement of the assault. The once-silent surroundings were abruptly shattered by the increasingly raucous din of approaching footsteps, accompanied by resounding voices and cries.Stones quivered upon the ground, and their ears reverberated with the clamor of oncoming footfalls. Encouraging shouts and the clash of weapons agains
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Act 1 – Blades of Ironclaw Part 2
"Golden troops, prepare for a swift attack!" At his command, Aldrich squinted his eyes to discern the target in the meager torchlight. There were approximately twenty people on the left side of the fort. "Fire!" The battle raged on as Paul instructed his archers to fire repeatedly, each arrow carrying a burning determination. Nevertheless, Paul soon realized that their assaults had limited impact. In response, the defenders unleashed a volley of arrows, showering the area indiscriminately. Despite their best efforts, the Aldrich archers struggled due to the lack of sufficient light, which affected their accuracy. The sounds of battle crescendoed as the Aldrich troops advanced, their arrows falling like an unrelenting tempest. As the Aldrich troops drew nearer, they began to target the city walls with their arrows. The Heirs of Leaf's archers responded in kind, but it soon became evident that their defensive tactics were inadequate. Aldrich
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Act 1 - Blades of Ironclaw Part 3
Taking advantage of the chaos that had occurred, Eran saw that there were coiled ropes that had been tied between the fort. Without thinking, Eran threw the three ropes out of the fort. Theo, who had been monitoring Eran's movements attentively, understood the signal. He quickly ordered his group to climb the ropes thrown by Eran, utilizing the gap created by the Lonewolf's stealthy infiltration. While throwing the ropes, the three remaining archers noticed his presence. "Intruder!!!" one of the archers shouted, without realizing Eran was already in front of him and stabbed two daggers into his chest and then pulled the small weapon upwards, causing blood to spurt out and splash onto Eran. "You guys keep shooting." Said one of the archers, he threw his bow and replaced it with a sword, then two other people appeared behind the soldier. "You damn Golden!" Shouted one of the attacking soldiers. His sword flew and at the same time two arrows pier
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Act 1 – Blades of Ironclaw Part 4
In the midst of the fierce clash between Theo, Taran, Strix, and Fenry, the atmosphere became charged with palpable tension. Strix, a towering figure adorned in ominous dark armor, deftly brandished a massive hammer with deadly precision, every swing executed with a brutal force aimed at pulverizing his adversaries with each thunderous strike. In stark contrast, Fenry exhibited a nimble and agile fighting style, wielding a pair of lethal daggers with uncanny accuracy.However, Theo and Taran remained unflinching in the face of their formidable-looking foes. Theo, renowned for his agility and finesse, relied on swift swordplay and calculated maneuvers to elegantly evade Strix's lethal assaults. Taran, on the other hand, countered Fenry's rapid attacks with sheer raw power and unyielding endurance, delivering powerful slashes that demonstrated his indomitable strength.The battle unfolded in a relentless ebb and flow, as both sides exchanged blows and attempted to exploi
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