The acts of Caidine.

    Inside a tree. 

"You can't keep me hostage here for long. I will not have you treat me with such contempt. You will let me out of this shithole once and for all. And I mean it. You will let me out of this place right now."

Vulcan raged, he occasionally would look away from Aynea to the princess who pretended as though he was not there. 

He had tried all he could to get himself out of the place but he simply couldn't. He still couldn't understand how he had been able to walk out of the tree when he was with Prium and Ayla. Only Ayla had the answers to that. He wished she was there. A part of him missed her. 

"Only one day more. Aynea be take her words seriously."

Aynea said, meaning to stand up and enter into the hut she had called out with magic. 

Vulcan hurried to her and held her arm. He spun her around that their faces brushed. He could almost rest his lips on hers. He let go of her and stepped back


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