The lover boy II

  In a forest. 

"You can't keep following me, you know."

Tahni stopped at once under a tree, gawping at the indifferent Miargos. They had been walking since forever and that was their second day in the wild. Twas a wonder that the cave in which they had passed the night didn't toss misery at them. At least, that was a pretty sense to it. 

"What choice do I have, Tahni. I have lost everything I had back in that village. I do not have a choice. If I should die seeking for my love, I shall. Plus, you sure need help in this wild. Even though you pretend not to."

She leaned on the bark of the tree and pursed her lips. She shook her head in annoyance and shot,

"This is madness, Miargos."

Miargos moved closer to her. But he stopped few steps away. He was sure not to walk into her. Only if he wanted to press himself on her. 

"If finding and fighting for who I love is madness, then I do not want to be sane."


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