The same day. Same time. Inside a tree. 

"Now have you had your fill? Have you, witch?!!!"

Prium cried, her voice almost cracking. She didn't care. She was already used to screaming and shouting and snapping at the always indifferent Ayla.

"These three days you've held me against my will. You'll pay for it. Believe me, you sincerely will."

She threatened again. Ayla as usual didn't say a word. She was also used to the noise and bickering. She didn't have the strength neither did she want to hurt Prium. After all, Prium was her mistress.

"I command you to stop walking right now!!!"

Prium screamed again as Ayla slackened her pace, her back to Prium. She was just few metres away from the tree. 

Ayla, unknown to Prium was walking to the portal of the tree to open it for the both of them. But she didn't want Prium to know. So, she didn't tell the restless mistress about it. 

Ayla had one more punishment

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