The new master

    In the woods. 



He was riding with haste and passion. The horse whinnying through the path, such haste which could make it tumble. 


He called again, urging the horse to the rhythm of his heart. He had been told by the palace groom that whoever wants to connect with his horse must marched his heartbeat to the horse's. And that was what he had been doing. 


His tempo laden and sodden this time. The horse snorting at intervals, its eyes dimming, unknown to its rider. 

Suddenly, the horse slackened its pace but the force of the haste was too quick to be halted all of a sudden. The horse bumped into something which threw both Vulcan and his horse back and made both crash into the length of the path. 


He groaned, trying to fight his legs on the earth. As soon as he stood up, he helped his horse too and pat it,

"Let's see what h

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