chapter 26: The Plan Of The Three

On this sunny morning, the sun is smiling beautifully.

Hermes was getting ready to head to his school.

Before that, he started the engine of his motorcycle before he finally drove the motorcycle to his school.

The wind brushed against Hermes' skin. This morning the air temperature is more comfortable than usual.

After Hermes arrived at school, many students greeted him.

"Yes, good morning," answered Hermes with a big smile.

Hermes answered the greetings of the students in a very friendly manner.

Then, Hermes entered his room to prepare his teaching materials later.

Before Hermes arrived at his room, Aris had a chance to see Hermes. However, Hermes didn't notice.

"Hermes," said Aris as he continued to stare at Hermes walking beside him.

Aris continued to watch Hermes until he entered his room. Meanwhile, Hermes, still does not realize this.

Hermes walked past and aris, while aris was still looking at him with a sharp gaze.

“My schedule is pretty tight today. I have a few classes to tea
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