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Who would have thought that the person in charge of leading the souls of the dead to the underworld would be a high school teacher at Teitan School. How is the story of Hermes' life journey?

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26 chapters
Chapter 1: Teaching
Hermes, a high school teacher who teaches at a school in Tokyo, Japan. This morning is a very sunny morning for Hermes because on the 1st day of Hermes teaching at the school. Becoming a teacher was Hermes' only choice at that time because he had no other choice. Back then, he really needed money to live and chose teaching as his permanent profession. "It's a very sunny morning, have a nice day today," said Hermes, smiling as he opened the window of his house. Hermes walked down the corridor after corridor in his school. "Hello, Mr. Hermes, good morning, sir," said the students who greeted each other. "Hello everyone good morning, how are you guys?" Hermes asked. "All right, sir," they said. After passing some of his students in the school corridor, then Hermes entered the class where he taught, namely class 1-D. Hermes eagerly began to greet the children in the room. "Good morning children," Hermes greeted happily. "We are good sir," they answered enthusiastically. "Okay, thi
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Chapter 2: Death Of Student
After the figure was successfully sent to the underworld, he cleaned himself by changing all the clothes he had worn earlier. It was a habit he did after carrying out his duties.***Tonight Hermes was feeling very uneasy. He didn't know what was wrong with him. "Why do I feel so bad? What is this? What will happen?” Hermes asked himself. Tonight Hermes tries to win himself over and begins his night's sleep.Slowly Hermes tried to close his eyes, but they still couldn't close. He didn't know his current state. "Hermes," A soft voice called Hermes which suddenly woke him up from his sleep.After hearing the voice, he meditated to find out who had called him. "Thanatos," Hermes said after meditating. Thanatos is the god of death whose job is to take human life, which is then continued by Hermes to send the spirit to the underworld.After knowing who called him, Hermes made inner contact to summon the figure. He was also a little confused because Thanatos just called him without dis
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Chpater 3: Black Winged Figure
This morning Hermes woke up earlier than usually. He started getting ready to go teaching at the school. He wanted to immediately meet his favorite student. He wanted to make sure that his disciple didn't have any trouble for today. “This morning I have to hurry to go to school. I want to be able to see Charun in good condition this morning," Hermes said as he rushed to get his bag. Hermes was feeling much calmer now than the night before Thanatos met him.When he arrived at school, many students greeted him as usual. Hermes returned the greeting very kindly. He continued to show his happy smile this morning.After arriving at his class, namely class 1-D, he did not find the person he was looking for. Currently, his eyes are roaming all corners of the room in his classroom looking for his favorite student, Charun. "Good morning, children," said Hermes, starting his teaching time."Good morning sir," answered the students in unison. "How are you guys today?" Hermes asked. "Okay sir
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Chapter 4: New Assistent
From a distance, Hermes was still glued to Charun's steps that were getting further and further away from him. After seeing Charun was gone, he went back to taking care of the body in front of him. The body is the body of a man suffering from heart disease. The man was lying on a seat right next to the banyan tree.Unexpectedly, the man's illness relapsed and he could not be helped who eventually died.That's where thanatos and Hermes carry out their respective duties.***The next day, Charun looks for Hermes to hear his explanation. He wanted to know why Hermes did this and what he meant. Even though he knew that the man yesterday was dying along with the winged figure, but he wanted to hear Hermes' full explanation regarding this matter. "Where's Mr Hermes?" said Charun while looking for the whereabouts of the teacher. After walking down the halls of the classroom, he finally found Hermes walking into his room.Without thinking, Curun walked quickly to catch up with Hermes. "That
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Chapter 5: The Thurt
“You don't have to be afraid of making me angry Charun. I've never been mad at you. I'm also sure that you won't make me complain. I'm glad to have you as my assistant," Hermes said as he patted Charun's shoulder.Just as they were focused on the conversation, suddenly someone came. Suddenly they were both shocked and hoped the person did not listen to what they were discussing earlier. "Sir principal, what are you doing here?" Hermes asked to tell Charun's whereabouts. “I was just going around to check on the state of this school. what are you doing here?" asked the principal. "We only discussed the subject matter earlier, sir. There is material that Charun doesn't understand," Hermes said. Hearing Hermes' explanation, the headmaster just nodded his head. Hermes, who saw it, thought that the principal believed the lie he was telling. "Since when are you here?" Charun asked politely. "Just now, I'm also going around again to check the buildings that are here," said the principal
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Chapter 6: Ghost
Today is Charun's first day as hermes assistant. Charun went to school with a smile that kept growing on his face. He is very happy and excited today with his new title as assistant to hermes. While on his way to school, he smelled rotten eggs. He looked for the smell but couldn't find it. "It smells like rotten eggs. Where do you think this smell is coming from?” Charun said while looking around him. Having not found the origin of the smell, he left and ignored it.Then he continued on his way to school. When he was at the school gate, he saw a small child like himself who was wearing shabby clothes staring at him. "Hello," said Charun greeting him. The little boy was just silent and did not pay attention to Charun. "Why is he weird, his clothes are messy too," muttered Charun leaving the child.Charun is a little confused about his condition this morning. He noticed some strange things this morning. *** "Hello students," said Hermes. "Hello sir," they answered. "Are you rea
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Chapter 7: A New Thing
"Charun, it looks like you have an advantage. The advantages are different from the other children," said Hermes to Charun. Charun was very confused by what his teacher said. He did not understand what advantages Hermes meant. "What kind of advantages do you mean sir?" “You can see things that other children can't. Your mind's eyes are open, Charun," Hermes said to his student. "Inner eye? What is it sir?" asked Charun not understanding. Charun still doesn't understand what the mind's eye is and what it means when it's open. It's only natural that he doesn't understand this because he's still a child. In fact, he also did not realize when he had these advantages.Hearing Charun question about the inner eye, Hermes tried to explain it slowly until Charun understood about it. "Do you understand my explanation earlier?" said hermes asked. "I understand very well sir," replied Charun nodding. Charun is very easy to understand in every explanation given by hermes. Hermes arranged hi
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Chapter 8: Scary
"Good morning, sir," said all the students, greeting Hermes. Charun is very enthusiastic in this class. he became a diligent student as usual. He answered the questions given by Hermes and always paid attention to what his teacher said.After the school bell rang, Hermes left their classroom. Before Hermes left, he signaled Charun to meet him immediately. Charun who saw it immediately understood the meaning of the gesture and started following Hermes' footsteps from behind.Now they both entered the Hermes room. Even though he had entered the Hermes room several times, Charun was still surprised by the condition of the room which was much colder than the other teachers' rooms. even though all the components in the room, including the AC or paint color and others are the same. "How are you today?" hermes asked. "I'm fine sir. I've read some things about the "inner eye" and I'm starting to understand it now," said Charun who immediately explained about himself. Hermes saw the very en
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Chapter 9: Alone
Charun immediately ran towards the outside of the house. He wanted to call Hermes to report the matter, but he forgot to bring his cell phone because he was scared. Finally he planned to go to his friend's house to borrow a cell phone.However, Charun thought again about the identity of Hermes which must be protected as well as possible, he didn't want his friends or other people to hear about his conversation with Hermes which would also endanger Hermes' identity. "No no, I have to go back to call Mr. Hermes. I have to be brave if I see that figure later," said Charun who turned his body. Charun's body trembled at this time, he kept glancing at the bathroom door which was not far from his room. Charun tried as fast as possible to reach for the phone which was on his bed and left after getting it.Charun is indeed at home alone at the moment. Previously, he lived with his parents and caregivers. However, his parents went out of town due to a job and his nanny was not at home.After C
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Chapter 10: Lost
This time Charun tries to be brave. He didn't leave the room because of the fear he had at the moment. “Charun calm down. You have to get used to this," said Charun calming himself. Charun stopped studying and started to close his eyes. He can no longer focus. Therefore, he decided to sleep. *** This morning, Charun is not going anywhere. He wanted to enjoy his day off to the best of his ability. He refreshed his body by taking a shower this morning, of course with his favorite cherry scented soap. After bathing, he looked in the mirror to see his shoulders were heavy from yesterday. "Aaaah! Please!!!” shouted Charun. Hearing Charun's screams, his nanny rushed over to him. Charun's nanny came back to Charun's house this morning. Charun didn't know his arrival because Charun was taking a shower this morning. "Why Charun, what's wrong?" asked caretaker Charun with a worried look on his face. Seeing his nanny already at his house also scared Charun. She was afraid that it wasn'
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