Chapter 06


"Hey, I meant what I said, I do not trust you," I said to Terry as he continued to drive.

"Please Mr. Terry, tell me where we are going to," I said to him once more.

"We have reached," Terry said to me as he came out of the car.

"Where are you going? I am not supposed to be here you know" I said to Terry as he walks with his body built like a god into a building that looked like a restaurant.

"Don't forget that I am still here," I said to him.

"Wait, shouldn't I be with him right now," I said to myself and then I opened the door of the car and walked towards the building which he had entered.

finally, I can see him and I ran to meet up with him.

Boom! I hit into a guy and we both fell to the ground staring at each other with me on him.

"I know what you are thinking, this is the part where I meet the guy and then we both fall in love after we stumble at each other but I am not going to make this any romantic, rather I will be all harsh and powerful," I said in my thought staring at the hot dude.

"What the fuck is wrong with you," I said to the stranger acting up

"Excuse me... You are the one that hit me and you are still the same person shouting at me," The stranger said to me and I looked at the crowd that was already gathering.

So I turned and I walked away ignoring the remaining words that filthy ignorant rascal was saying behind my back.

"He does not even know who he was talking to if he would have known, maybe he would have been lying down on the floor in front of me and begging that I do not remember his cute face," I said in my thoughts as I walked away.

"Wait up," I said in an audible tone and suddenly he stopped and was talking to someone else.

The person looks matured though.


The person is incredibly handsome... Shit!

I wonder who is that hot guy he is talking to? "Sometimes I just want to be a guy... like I don't get why some people are so handsome in this world," I said to myself about to beg God for a transformation.

Finally, I had reached where he was, he turns and gives me a surprised look and I am guessing he was not expecting me to come... But too bad for him... I'm here.

His friend too keeps silent and then they were silence between us, I stared at him trying to understand why he's now speechless, but I could not figure it out.

"Uh, meet Stella and Stella meet James," Terry says in the speechless midst.

"Hi, nice to meet you," James who is Terrys' friend says as he stretches his right hand out for a shake.

I brought out my hand and then I shake him feeling manly. 

James seems to still hold my hand in a funny way, he then smiles and then releases my hands.

"Oh, what a weirdo," I said in my mind.

"So we just need two," Terry says to his friend and I wonder what he is talking about right now.

His friends walk into a room after saying "just have a little patience, I will be with you shortly" and then after some few minutes of standing and staring at where he had gotten into. 

He comes out with what I really know and love, in his hands were two ice cream buckets, one strawberry, and the other one chocolate.

"Let me help you with this," I said to Terry who I can see clearly in his eyes that if I don't collect this ice cream from his hands... I might get to have nothing.

I collected both the ice cream mini buckets and he stands to stare at me, I just hope he is not calling me local or savage in his mind.

Because right now, I am pretty much savage that I can't even believe I just collected the two ice cream he just bought and at the same time... I am too hungry to let him have even one.


"Sorry, you can have one," I said to him as I touch his chest to make him feel less disappointed in me or something like that.

I handed over the chocolate flavored ice cream to him, "Why are you been quiet all of a sudden," I said to him a bit confused.

"I had bought the two flavors for both of us" Terry replied to me.

"Oh, I thought you wanted to lick both of them alone," I said to him with one eye opened and one eye closed feeling awkward.

"It's okay, the chocolate flavor is actually for me," Terry said to me as he walked straight up pass me.

"Wait up, where are you going to again," I said to him licking a little from my ice cream bucket.

"Follow me," Terry said back to me and I followed him to the car but on my way again, I saw the guy I had bumped into, I give him the looks of a very noble lady who was assaulted by some servant guy.

Smiles filled my face as I passed him by, he must feel like beating me up but he cants because Terry would tear him apart.

"Walk faster," Terry said from behind me and I tried my best to keep up with his manly long legs.

Finally, We have reached his car, I got into it while still holding my strawberry ice cream in my left hand.

"There's a beach, not so far from here," Terry says to me smiling.

"Wait... Do you mean the Congo beach," I said to him in surprise?

"How come you seem to be excited about it?" he asked me.

"I know a lot about the Congo beach, It is known to have a lot of coconut trees, beautiful flowers and is suspected to be the home of mermaids," I said to him. 

"Wow, it seems you really love this island beach."

"I don't know it though I only wanted to go there, my dad refused me from doing it," I said to him and continued with my thoughts in my mind... At first, I thought he was just not a fun person, but I later understood that he actually did believe mermaids exist" I replied to Terry.

"Well, we are almost there, let us find out for ourselves when we reach there.

I hope we get to see or find something special, that would make today fun," Terry said to me.

"Yeah, true talk" I replied to him, just to hear a storming three words.

"You know, I do like you" He says out.

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