Chapter 121

I was so bored! 

I had to leave work to come chill with Emeka. 

I was practically the owner of my company so I could do anything I choose to do like putting work aside for a little while. 

I had different guys I could hang out with, I wasn't particularly close to Emeka because he was a boring person, he preferred going to work then coming back home then work, home, work, work, home. 

The first time I came to chill at his place, it was surprising to both the guy and myself because he was the last  person I would want to stay with. 

When Benita told she me she gained admission to the university, my initial plan to get under her skirt seemed impossible and being the type I was, I chose to get exactly what I wanted. 

I thought of all the friends I had that lived around the school's vicinity but I had none staying there not until I remembered I had a boring business partner who lives a

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