Chapter 126

He was acting like a kid and it made my blood boil. 

" what do you mean if he dies? Are you out of your mind? " he had to be kidding me. 

" I just mean what if ... Like, you know.... Ohh God, I'm sorry, I probably seem insane "

" you are insane now kindly drive me to school " I begged. 

He still didn't drive, he was just so stubborn, he liked to pass his point and get things done to his taste. 

" whenever I'm with these ladies, a different name just pop into my head and I tell them something else because I don't intend having anything serious with them but they just always seem interested in me " he explained.

" okay, now lets go "

" my name is Time, please know that " he looked straight into my eyes. 

" I know your name is Timi and I know you are mentally fucked up "

He nodded again before finally driving. 

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