Chapter 125


"and so foolish of me and honestly just....... 

Before I could say something nonsensical again her lips came crashing to mine. She was at the gate some seconds ago, I didn't even notice when she came towards me. 

The kiss was unexpected and my hands with their own brains moved to her waist and before I knew it, I raised her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist still kissing me with so much fire , I didn't mind her already fallen bag, I would take care of that later. I carefully placed her on my car's bonnet and explored every part of mouth that I could. Her lips tasted like orange and it made me wonder if she just drank her favourite 5 alive. 

We shouldn't be making out in the compound, someone might see us but again, I didn't care about other people's thought and Cora was obviously not the shy type. 

I brought my lips down to her neck, rubbing her neck softly which made her mu

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