Chapter 133

What was Derrick doing in school that he didn't bother calling to tell me? 

I picked up my phone and angrily called him. He picked on the second ring. 

"what? No" he instantly denied after I asked why he came to the school without informing me. 

"are you now saying my friend is a liar? "

" Benita, I didn't say that " he answered softly 

" then say something " I replied. 

" I came to your school, yes.. But it was to see a guy of mine, I actually planned on surprising you babe " he explained slowly. 

" ohh "

" you see, you just yelled at me for nothing " I could tell he was frowning. 

" I'm so sorry " I begged. 

" it's fine, so where are you? I'd like to see you today "

I started coughing. Who would he like to see? I was far away from school like really far and

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