Chapter 134

"you bastard!"  I yelled at Derrick. 

"why did you have to kiss me?" I was glad we were outside. 

"are you trying to break up with me? " he asked. 

" yes... Initially, I was trying to put this in the nicest way possible but now you just changed my mind, we are done, like done! " I hissed. 

I had to go after Timi, it felt odd because he was the one always running after me. 

I was confused and crying at the same time." leave me alone " I screamed at Derrick as he came to pull my hand. 

" so it's this Timi guy now? " he smirked. 

" do you even know what you're doing? You barely know him, how can you just decide to date a random guy you met on Facebook? "

" he's not a random guy, he understands me better than you do... I don't even know why I'm explaining myself to you, leave me alone ". 

I stopped a bike and rushed to get on. 

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