Chapter 156

Anu and Rona had long done their convocation. 

Timi and I were no longer together, he cheated on me.

It seemed his play boy nature came crawling back. 

I thought I could manage, I mean, some years ago, I always told myself that if my boyfriend cheats on me, I wouldn't break up with him but please, it's easier said than done. 

I focused on school's work, this was my final year, I wouldn't let a man make me mess up in school. 

I continued my going to club, hanging out with different different guys actually.

It was like my old self had come back. 

Though it wasn't entirely as before when I was always being mean to people, I just resumed being my old social self. 

Life was better without Timi. 


Convocation without Timi.

He's just

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