Chapter 20


I saw her on a seat with "Elvis"... I cleaned my eyes to look again_thinking maybe I had seen someone else.

Ho! And behold! I saw Stella talking to Elvis, "Why did she lie about the whole situation.

How come she's seated with Elvis instead of her dad?

"Why did she try to deceive me?" I asked myself in my thoughts, as my street lifeblood started to boil inside of me.

She's mine!... Elvis broke her heart, how could he still be hanging around her? 

"Hey, come here," I said to a waiter and he walks boldly to me.

"I want you to run a deal with me," I said to him and he smiles... I stretch my hands out with a hundred dollar.

"I just want you to hear what those two are talking about," I said to him and he gives me another smile.

I think I love this guy_He seems to be a professional at jobs l

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