Chapter 19


Philip pushed me out of his house.

"Yo! What did I do wrong?" I said to him confused. 

"I am tired of this kind of life, you will bring a girl into my house and you don't want to share," he says to me spitting right in front of me.

I now understood what he is talking about, We normally used to fuck the same chick at once, I guess he is missing that.

If I was to bring a girl home, I would have to share her with him and those girls are usually bitches in need of cocks.

"I like this one," I said to him simply.

"When did you start liking a girl personally, don't you know that I also like girls too... And I share them with you_you're a greedy ass freak," he says.

"Don't call me a freak, I don't just like her_I love her?" I said to him, eyeball to eyeball.

"Then go and be with her!"

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